We have curated 4 Targeted Treatment Plans

The Trich Care Treatment Plan- This is our hair restoration Plan, divided into 3 Tiers, this plan aims to systematically stimulate hair growth with the use of advanced cutting-edge technology and treatment therapies ranging from electro frequency to Microneedling.

The Active Scalp Treatment Plan- This plan focuses on our head spa service by providing you with a tailored scalp detox and exfoliation plan to remove excessive buildup and nourish the hair follicles. Targeted towards active clients/ lots of sweating and buildup.

Scalp Circle Hair Systems- The first of its kind in the textured hair space. This plan is for advanced hair loss, where the client is looking to create a natural styling solution that fits their lifestyle without compromising on the health of the scalp. We create custom hair systems that match the client's hair texture to provide ease of styling and blending.

Medi Hair Care Treatment Plan- Dealing with medically induced scalp disorders like psoraisis, seborheicc dermatitis, folliculitis? We have holistic treatment plans that not only calm dow the inflammation, they also regulate the fungal activity on the scalp that leads to flaire ups.


Schedule our Comprehensive Scalp Discovery Session- A full Scalp Analysis and Treatment session and we will discuss your treatment options at that visit-